Aco applying | Hunter, Warlock, Monk

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Aco applying | Hunter, Warlock, Monk

Postby Ac0 » Mon May 14, 2018 1:42 pm

Personal information

Hi guys. I am currently applying (mostly) as a Hunter but I am up to change for BfA depending on whats good and/or needed

Age: 30
Country: Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch
Any other information (e.g. periods of time you might be unavailable due to real life i.e. your work shifts, or exams/periods of study): The raid hours are fine as they stand

General character information:

Name: Acoo
Class: Hunter
Raid Role: DPS
Battle tag: Acoz0r#2510

Give justification for your talent choices: Depending on when you will look at the talents they will be in m+ mode, single target raid mode or aoe raid mode. It all depends on what I need and what is best for each situation

Give justification for your gemming and secondary stat choices: what sims best

Provide a Link to your armory: (ensure you're in your main spec gear): ... glade/acoo

Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment you can use to post your screenshot). This is NOT optional:

Do you have a viable offspec which you could play on progression? Viable alts (Afflock, WW for legion)

Guild Background:

Please give an overview of your guild history:
Reflex (dead guild) in WotlK. The Seawolf Crew (Alliance, Moonglade) during early WoD. Actus Dei (Horde, Emerald Dream) during the rest of WoD. Seers of War (Horde, Moonglade) for the entirety of Legion

What is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?
I want to raid 2 days instead of 3 on the same or better level as I'm doing at the moment. Note that my application is for BfA as we are still happily farming mounts for the time being on farm.

Raiding Background:

What is your raiding experience (in 10, 20, 25 or 40 man raids, before each instance was outdated by a tier / expansion)?
AotC early WoD - HM & BRF
CE every tier in Legion

What is the most challenging boss fight you have faced, and why?
On progress back in the days Mannoroth was hell. A long fight where we had issues with the correct placement of debuffs and the impspawns that needed to be gripped. In Legion Kil'Jaeden was total hell. Even after nerfs that boss did not suit us well. From the stupid pinball intermission to the forced soaks it was awfulto kill

Please provide logs of you playing the character you wish to apply on either from current progression or from a pug:

Additional Information:

Why do you want to join Avalerion?
You are a proper 2-day raiding guild with effective clears. You are competent raiders and I like that

Why do you think you can be a valuable addition to Avalerion?
I have got great raid awareness and am always on top of my game when improving my character or learning about those of others.

Do you have any significant alts? If so, what class and level?
Afflock, 970ilvl, WW, 965 ilvl
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Re: Aco applying | Hunter, Warlock, Monk

Postby Shedo » Sat May 19, 2018 9:03 am

Hi Aco,

Thanks for your application to Avalerion, I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful. Please contact an officer in-game if you require further information, we wish you the best of luck in finding a guild that suits you.


On behalf of the Avalerion management team
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