Fury Warrior (Pascal)

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Fury Warrior (Pascal)

Postby Pascal » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:12 pm

Personal information
Name: Pascal B.
Age: 23
Country: Netherlands, the
Languages: English, Dutch
Any other information (e.g. periods of time you might be unavailable due to real life i.e. your work shifts, or exams/periods of study):
Currently unemployed, but that may change in the future. On december 22nd I will be moving to a new home, so that will take 1-2 days.

General character information:

Name: Pascal
Class: Warrior
Raid Role: Damage Dealer / Tank
Battle tag: Pascal#2823

Give justification for your talent choices:

Tier 1:
War Machines or Endless Rage. War Machine on fights with high density of adds to provide a high uptime on a Heroism effect.
Endless Rage on primarily single-target fights to generate additional Rage to be able to use Rampage in a more rapid succession.
Tier 2:
Shockwave or Double Time. Shockwave for when adds need to be stunned, or Double Time to traverse faster between mechanics or bosses and adds.
Tier 3:
Wrecking Ball or Avatar: Wrecking Ball for when there is a high density of adds paired with the Naj'entus's Vertebrae to clear them fast, or Avatar for generally a high damage increase cooldown to be used with Battle Cry.
Tier 4:
Bounding Stride or Warpaint: Bounding Stride makes it easier to get from point A to B quicker and more frequently, and Warpaint will make it easier to survive mechanics and also helps our healers keeping Fury's alive since we already take extra damage.
Tier 5:
Frothing Berserker: This talent synergizes perfectly with Battle Cry and our Tier 7 talent, so it's a free damage and movement bonus.
Tier 6:
Bloodbath or Inner-Rage: Bloodbath is preferred by T21 as Rampage applies as ticking-dot itself and also when used in combination with Whirlwind deal insane amount of AoE damage. Inner-Rage is preferred by T20 as it's a very high increase to the 2-set bonus.
Tier 7:
Reckless Abandon: Battle Cry lasts 2 seconds longer and you generate 100 Rage, which as I explained earlier, synergizes perfectly with Frothing Berserker.
The fact that Battle Cry lasts 2 seconds longer adds another max damage Rampage to our rotation and is really the only choice in this tier.

Give justification for your gemming and secondary stat choices.

Fury Warrior's currently, depending on their Tier, want Haste over Mastery over Versatility.
Haste will lower the global cooldown and allows us to use more abilities during Battle Cry.
For tier 20 it is around 37%, whilst for tier 21 it is around 27%.
Mastery increases damage done while Enrages and scales more viably than Versatility. On a good pull you are about 90%+ of the time Enraged when actively DPS'ing the boss.
Versatility is a flat damage increase, as well as also reducing damage taken by half that amount and is a decent stat for warriors.
Critical Strike is rather worthless to Warriors considering we have a ~35 second cooldown on Battle Cry which gives us 100% Critical Strike and 20%+ Critical Strike Damage.

Provide a Link to your armory: (ensure you're in your main spec gear):

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... age/pascal

Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment you can use http://imgur.com/ to post your screenshot). This is NOT optional:

https://i.imgur.com/KvZ3PDi.png / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICbtlTPhXRo

Do you have a viable offspec which you could play on progression?

I am able to play as Arms and Protection would this be necessary. Both are currently on trait 72 but that is easy to get up.

Guild Background:
Please give an overview of your guild history:

On Stormrage I have been in Seren, whom merged with Twilight Justice.
Twilight Justice's raid team briefly transferred to Ravencrest where we formed Cynical.
Cynical was eventually disbanded and most of the team, including me, went back to Stormrage.
Whilst on Stormrage, I applied for Imperium whom was in need of a Tank at that point.

What is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?

Not living up to my expectations in regards to management and progression.
I originally attempted to join this guild as a Protection Warrior, but was promptly asked to change to a DD spec when they filled their gap with someone in the guild switching to Tank. I had no issues with this at first, but it has become more of an annoyance now when I just seem to be ignored when I make suggestions about the tanking mechanics, whilst doing extensive research to them.

Raiding Background:
What is your raiding experience (in 10, 20, 25 or 40 man raids, before each instance was outdated by a tier / expansion)?

TBC: Karazhan, Zul'aman
WotLK: Naxx/Sarth/Eye 25, Ulduar10, ToC10, ICC10 11/12
Cata: Firelands 25, Dragon Soul 10
MoP: MSV10HC, HoF10HC, ToES10HC, ToT25HC, SoE25HC
Legion: EN 7/7M, ToV 2/3M, Nighthold 4/10M, ToS 7/10M, AoBT 8/11HC.

What is the most challenging boss fight you have faced, and why?

Probably either Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine or Mythic Krosus as Protection Warrior.
Mistress Sassz'ine primarily because it requires good communication between every individual in the raid and is very unforgiving for when done not so.
Mythic Krosus as Protection was just a pain as Blizzard undertuned Protection Magic mitigation during Nighthold progression, but managed to kill it eventually.
Depending on if this counts, last week Coven was overtuned for larger groups and was quite hard.

Please provide logs of you playing the character you wish to apply on either from current progression or from a pug:

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... age/pascal

Additional Information:
Why do you want to join Avalerion?

I am looking for a guild that is is more active in terms of progression and fluidity. My current guild does not feel stable enough to keep me attracted.

Also some people that were in the guild I am currently in joined Avalerion which has only peeked my interest in this guild even more so. (Hello princess Gollie)

Why do you think you can be a valuable addition to Avalerion?

I've been know to be quite timid during raids, and focus entirely on improving my playstyle. I have recently changed from being a 100% tank to a newbie DPS, but I think I have come a long way and want to continue to improve myself and provide new challenges for myself. If I am able to help others achieve their goals along the way, and give them a feeling of pride and accomplishment. I am willing to switch whenever this would be needed and am okay with helping out other people in the guild whenever they ask me.

I have know myself to be a very direct person, and have been addressed on this several times, but it hard to just change part of the characteristic flaws that you have, so I hope this will not be too big of an issue.

Do you have any significant alts? If so, what class and level?

I have a 934 Paladin on Stormrage that I can pretty decently play each spec on.
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... rage/apart
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Re: Fury Warrior (Pascal)

Postby Shedo » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:56 am

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your application to Avalerion, I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful. Please contact an officer in-game if you require further information, we wish you the best of luck in finding a guild that suits you.


On behalf of the Avalerion management team
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